The Tsupitero Newsletter

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The Tsupitero Newsletter is a daily Technical Analysis report by Miko S. Sayo. The report is divided into six parts:

  1. A daily Technical Analysis report of the PSEi;
  2. Chart of the DJIA and my proprietary Tsupitero Index;
  3. A comprehensive Technical Analysis report of the most active and volatile stock during the day;
  4. Three to Five Recommended stocks for tsupita (short-term) trades; and,
  5. A short technical analysis of 5 of the most active & most volatile stocks for the day.
  6. A table showing some important notes for Tsupiteros and a table showing the top gainers and losers for x number of days.

*Sometimes, I provide subscribers with recommendations for Position-trades as well.

The cost of a one-month subscription to the Tsupitero newsletter is P1,000.00. To subscribe to it, please email me at One may pay by simply making an over-the-counter deposit to one of the following bank accounts:
BPI Savings Account No. 3149-0491-25
BPI branch - Tomas Morato St. Quezon City
Account Name - Michael S. Sayo
BDO Savings Account No. - 001340215320
BDO Branch - Emerald Ave., Ortigas Centre
Account Name - Michael S. Sayo
You may also pay via Paypal ( ). Just use my email,
The Tsupitero Newsletter will be emailed everyday on or before 10:00 in the evening. It is in Adobe Acrobat format. A sample of the newsletter is below.
To view a sample of the newsletter, please click here - The Tsupitero Newsletter.